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The world according to us

Goddess Bitches
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Nor Cal Girls!!!

Welcome to the world of two best friends hurleylis and calif_orchid

A Quick History: Two Nor Cal chicas meet through a lying bastard with a tiny cock. Both date him and go through a quick struggle full of much throat cutting and low blows. Yet they bond through his lies and stupid mistakes, finding that together they can overcome all odds.

Including the minor yet ever constant pathetic attacks of cyco bitches and the rat pack.

The lovely chicas developed into two Goddess Bitches, out to rule the world. You mess with one, you mess with the other. An entity that you just don't want to fuck with, and if you do prepare to be absolutly destroyed.

In the search for love, sex and the materialistic things that make life grand, they find much adventure awaites them.

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There's always something going on, something new every time...although the comedy is generally in the comments made by dumb ass stalkers who think that they can insult us when they use the one ounce of brain power they have to post some anonymous thing...it's quite amusing actually

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