Goddess Bitches (norcal_girls) wrote,
Goddess Bitches

good ole Nathan....

He brings the simi psycho stalker into life, and I swear, she's never going to get over it....

Nate:nah im goin to show u something dont get mad
simipsycho to nate: your always gunna be an ass arent you?
simipsycho to nate: go fuck her again you knwo you wanna
simipsycho to nate: bye sweet dreams
Nate:ahh god every day she just proves her incomptencies
Crys:is she talking about me?
Nate:thats what im guessing
Crys:she's fucking retarded
Nate:i know

and then he has his escapades....
Nate:ahh she never seeks to amaze me
Crys:she say anything else?
Nate:she asks why im an ass i never reply or she will ask for sex tips i won't reply its funny i think she still thinks there is hope
Crys:she asks you for sex tips?
Crys:she's retarded
Crys:tell her how to get an std
Nate:thats not funny nad im clean
Crys:i thought it was funny
Crys:Lis would of laughed
Nate:yeah cuz u two are evil
Crys:we're not evil
Crys:we're just goddess bitches
Nate:ahh u think that and im clean i just got retested when i was in san fran
Nate:so blah
Crys:i was clean the whole time
Nate:i know i m still confused who it was but o well
Crys:that's so bad
Nate:well its between two girls
Crys:soo bad
Crys:it's like those girls that get mad at their bf and sleep with some other guy and then get knocked up
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