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[12 Aug 2006|11:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

"A simple friend wonders about your romantic
history. A real friend could blackmail you with
it." - Unknown
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i don't get that boy [22 Jul 2006|01:47pm]
does anyone have a good rock to throw?

Cause i need one, maybe two.....

okay, probably more than two....

and possibly a kick in the ass...

She's an extraordinary girl,
In an ordinary world,
And she can't seem to get away

He lacks the courage in his mind,
Like a child left behind,
Like a pet left in the rain

She's all alone again,
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Somedays he feels like dying,
She gets so sick of crying

She sees the mirror of herself,
An image she wants to sell,
To anyone willing to buy

He steals the image in her kiss,
From her hearts apocalypse,
From the one called whatsername

She's all alone again,
Wiping the tears from her eyes
Somedays he feels like dying
She gets so sick of crying

- Extraordinary Girl, Green Day
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fragranceforyou.com adventure [26 Jun 2006|10:29pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Crys: this is my fragrance: A fruity top note of green apple, papaya flowers, cassis, aquatic and wet moss upon a floral heart of jasmin, white lillies and orris supported by an accord of precious woods and vanilla.

Lis: hrm..wet moss?
Crys: word
Lis: whats your sign havta do with it??
Lis: wanna see my fragrance?

Lis: A fruity top note of green apple, papaya flowers, cassis, aquatic and wet moss upon a floral heart of jasmin, white lillies and orris supported by an accord of precious woods and vanilla.

Crys: that's why we're friends apparently
Crys: we are each other's other half, right?
Lis: we had to of picked different things tho
Lis: for sure
Crys: no kidding
Crys: i'm doing my sister right now, see what she gets
Lis: what did you pic for your fav frag
Lis: and least fav?
Lis: I picked Citrus as my fav
Lis: and Oriental as my least fav
Crys: oriental was my least fav too
Crys: water was my fav
Lis: we have diff color eyes
Lis: and hair
Lis: and fav seasons
Lis: and sign
Lis: and trend
Lis: yeah
Lis: we musta almost all been different
Lis: and got the same scent
Crys: that's crazy
Lis: huh
Lis: they rip you off
Crys: lol

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[27 Mar 2006|12:13am]
Have you ever noticed that when things go bad, and all you want to do is be left alone, so you lock yourself up away from the world, and you sometimes get that clarity, but then realize that while you were poutin around the world still went on without you.

but sometimes, isn't the clarity worth it? taking a break from the world? as long as you learned, right?
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[04 Feb 2006|05:45pm]
I'm feeling a bit cynical... is it just me... or does it seem like almost everyone sucks ass... not to mention are complete morons. The world is filled with morons... in some of my more lucid, sane moments.... this wouldnt escape my lips... but... sometimes I think it would be much easier to be a moron... life would be more fulfilling, because I would be to fucking stupid to know what the fuck was going on.
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Illusions,Richard Bach [09 Jan 2006|07:39pm]
Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your aquaintances will knwo you in a thousand years.
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[18 Aug 2005|03:02pm]
"Dumb Girls" Lucy Woodward

He broke my heart today
I don't know what to say
I can't feel a thing at all
I did not see it comin'
Now you just a man that got away
I look at the ground
And give the sky the middle finger

Something inside said
"Here's a day you should remember
So mark it on a wall"

I never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to dumb girls
Taking themselves too seriously
I was so damn smart
I was the one girl
Who never believed it could happen to me
Something like this only happens to somebody else

I miss you so much
Can't stand it
You bring out the blonde in me
'Cause I'm still hanging on
Even though you done me wrong.
And I got the heart to forgive this
But I'd never let you know.
What kind of girl would put herself
In that postition?

To think that I could ever fight the system
And I got fooled again
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[31 May 2005|10:16pm]
Im taking applications for anyone who wants to be on the firing squad....
I do not like a certain boy... and anyone who knows crys...knows why!
I figure, I need about 20 of you... One of us is bound to hit a vital organ....
Any volunteers?!

Ok, might sound a tad morbid...but I never liked him to start with so.....
Just an idea....... not a bad one, if you ask me...
Hes an asshole!
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no shame [09 Mar 2005|12:37am]
-It was like a Snickers bar. King sized!

-Hey Doc, can you get rid of these things. They keep gettin in the way!
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just a suggestion [08 Feb 2005|11:30am]

Don't wear gray sweatpants layered underneath a knee length jean skirt and top it off with a fuschia tank with a wide yellow belt...
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fuck a lj cut, this is going up [04 Nov 2004|01:22am]
I found this in one of the boy's friend's LJ...well...I found the link to it, but fell in love with this cartoon!!!!

www.HomicidalSweethearts.net (or something of that nature...I thought the title of the site was rockin' great too.

forget prince charming...I can do it myself!!!!

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[26 Oct 2004|11:21am]

Ive decided that I am buying Crys a VS gift card for Christmas... so she can get sexy stuff to seduce all the new men shes gonna be gettin... =-)      
And Crys.... make sure you take THE PICK OF THE LITTER this time!   None of these nasty left overs....

And btw:
Happy Early Bday to me! =-)

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In Dedication.... [23 Sep 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]

calling somebody else fat will not make you any thinner. calling somebody else stupid will not make you any smarter
-Mean Girls

Not that they've pulled anything lately, but this was just so amusing....

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good ole Nathan.... [19 Aug 2004|01:07am]
He brings the simi psycho stalker into life, and I swear, she's never going to get over it....

Nate:nah im goin to show u something dont get mad
simipsycho to nate: your always gunna be an ass arent you?
simipsycho to nate: go fuck her again you knwo you wanna
simipsycho to nate: bye sweet dreams
Nate:ahh god every day she just proves her incomptencies
Crys:is she talking about me?
Nate:thats what im guessing
Crys:she's fucking retarded
Nate:i know

and then he has his escapades....
Nate:ahh she never seeks to amaze me
Crys:she say anything else?
Nate:she asks why im an ass i never reply or she will ask for sex tips i won't reply its funny i think she still thinks there is hope
Crys:she asks you for sex tips?
Crys:she's retarded
Crys:tell her how to get an std
Nate:thats not funny nad im clean
Crys:i thought it was funny
Crys:Lis would of laughed
Nate:yeah cuz u two are evil
Crys:we're not evil
Crys:we're just goddess bitches
Nate:ahh u think that and im clean i just got retested when i was in san fran
Nate:so blah
Crys:i was clean the whole time
Nate:i know i m still confused who it was but o well
Crys:that's so bad
Nate:well its between two girls
Crys:soo bad
Crys:it's like those girls that get mad at their bf and sleep with some other guy and then get knocked up
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JoJo, Get Out [04 Jul 2004|12:26am]
[ mood | impressed ]

Tell why you're looking so confused
When I'm the one who didn't know that truth
How could you ever be so cold
To go behind my back and call my friend
Boy you must have gone and bumped your head
Because you left her number on your phone
(So now after all is said and done)
Maybe I'm the one to blame but
(To think that you could be the one)
Well it didn't work out that way

Get Out, right now,
It's the end of you and me
It's too late and I can't wait for you to be gone
'Cause I know about her and I wonder how I bought all the lies
You said that you would treat me right but you was just a waste of time

Damn, where was this chick and her song a couple years ago???? I could of used this song instead of those depressing moaning groaning sad me songs....

Every girl needs a be a bitch/guys are dumb retarded song
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[21 Jun 2004|11:48pm]
FUCK *that one boy*

and *that other tiny boy*

and *that one other imaginary non existing boy*

No matter what happens, we'll always have each other
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good to keep in mind, cut the drama :) [17 Jun 2004|12:04pm]
"Tragedies are happening all over the world, and I am not a tragedy" -Kirstie Alley
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Family Guy moment [23 May 2004|11:16pm]
Stewie: Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but you're a total bitch.
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[13 May 2004|03:08pm]
Look at the pretty new lay out for norcal! yay!
It takes forever to load....
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Oh man, family guy makes me giggle.... [29 Apr 2004|02:24am]
Chris Griffin: Hey, mom, look at these bananas.
Peter Griffin: Why you smart little bastard.
Lois Griffin: Now Chris, these are called "plantains". In fact, most women prefer them to normal size bananas because they're exotic and flavorful.
Peter Griffin: Yeah, Lois, I see all the sorority girls clamoring for the platain section.
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